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Bodrum Guvercinlik seafront summer house for rent Code : B281

Liv. Room
Daily Prices - Currency Converter
01 May - 31 May
172 EUR
145 GBP
188 USD
01 Jun - 30 Jun
229 EUR
193 GBP
250 USD
01 Jul - 31 Jul
286 EUR
241 GBP
312 USD
01 Aug - 31 Aug
286 EUR
241 GBP
312 USD
01 Sep - 30 Sep
229 EUR
193 GBP
250 USD
01 Oct - 31 Oct
172 EUR
145 GBP
188 USD
Damage deposit 500 EUR.

Information for Bodrum Guvercinlik seafront summer house for rent

On your way to the Bodrum peninsula, you pass through Güvercinlik, a quiet fishing town.
The single-storey summer rental house located in this quiet, seaside town with nice fish restaurants has 3 bedrooms and can comfortably accommodate 6 people.
The summer house is located literally by the sea and is ideal for those who want a peaceful holiday.
Due to its nature, the pigeon house is not suitable for expansion. It takes 15 minutes to walk from one end to the other. The beauty of Güvercinlik is that it is small and thus has a peaceful environment.
Güvercinlik is one of the most beautiful places in Bodrum, with its view of Salih Island opposite and its calm sea at all hours of the day.
You wake up to the peaceful morning of a fishing town in Güvercinlik, where hostels are generally family-run, and you wake up to the sound of the engines of the fishing boats.
In the south, there is a bay surrounded by trees and a sandy beach. The sea is sparkling...
Book your place in our Bodrum Güvercinlik summer rental house before it's too late and start your holiday plans.

Rental Conditions

Prices include electricity, water, 15GB of internet per week and cleaning in and out.
Villa Type: Near the beach - no pool
Region: bodrum-mugla


Bodrum center : 25 km
Airport : 22 km
Market : 4 km
Minibus Station : 100 metre
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