Privacy Notice Clarification text

In this policy;

Evva Villa Turizm Tic. Ltd. The company will be referred to as “Evva Villa”.
The website "" belonging to Evva Villa company will be referred to as "our website".
Those who provide information, use or log in to our website in any way will be called "users".
Users who benefit from our villa rental service through our website and various communication channels will be referred to as "customers".

This privacy policy covers all users who visit and use our "website" and everyone who uses our "website" will be deemed to have accepted this agreement.
The data that visitors using our website directly and/or indirectly transmit to Evva Villa through the information or contact forms, social media links, telephone and other communication tools contained in our "website" are used as specified in the rental and usage agreement and our privacy policy. The information collected is the data obtained with the consent of the user and their own declarations through the above-mentioned means of communication. No data is collected without the consent of the user. Information on the collection, processing and storage of this data is explained below.

Data provided directly by the user to Evva Villa: The information provided by the user to Evva Villa through the information request form, reservation form, contact form and/or other forms made available on our website; phone, e-mail, name-surname and other requested form information is stored by our company and this information is stored only to communicate with the user in line with the user's request. This data belonging to the user is not shared with any real/legal or third party and/or institution/firm for commercial or any other purpose. Exceptions are mentioned under the heading "Reservation and Identity Notifications". The data can only be accessed by Evva Villa officials. This data is only used by Evva Villa authorities to notify the user of the information requested by the user.

Data obtained indirectly from the user: Information such as IP information, in-site traffic is used to provide a better experience to the user, to ensure that our website can produce more efficient results, and this data is not stored anywhere, including in our database. The data is only stored as cookies on the user's computer. Therefore, Evva Villa does not have this kind of user data accumulation. Users can easily adjust all cookie settings via their web browsers.
Users can contact Evva Villa to change the information they have provided through the above-mentioned means of communication and / or request that the information be removed from the Evva Villa database. Evva Villa realizes these requests as soon as possible. Transactions are the responsibility of the user due to user-side interruptions, disruptions, communication difficulties (for example, but not limited to, contacting the user to verify) and Evva Villa cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise.

Reservation and Identity Notifications: Evva Villa, as a legal obligation, is obliged to make IDENTITY DATA NOTIFICATION to the relevant regional security forces / law enforcement agencies for each customer who will stay in the villas. Due to this legal obligation in Turkey, the user/customer agrees that their personal information will be declared by Evva Villa to the relevant regional security forces / law enforcement agencies. The necessary information on this subject is already provided to the user/customer during the rental process. Evva Villa does not use the data obtained due to legal obligations for any purpose other than legal transactions. It does not store this information in any digital or printed environment for future use. Identity information is deleted and destroyed at the end of the rental period.

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